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Please see below for the 927 representations submitted to us during the six week Local Plan consultation.

Please note that one of these responses represents a petition from 1,355 people who gave their views on the Local Plan through a standard wording form provided online by The Woodland Trust.

In addition to this we received a further 718 responses from people who also responded via the Woodland Trust form but included additional comments to the standard wording provided. These are listed separately in a spreadsheet linked below.

As promised, we are not publishing the names of individuals. However, you will be able to see the names of the organisations that have responded.  All of the below tiles are formatted in the following way:

"Individual OR Organisation, Organisation Name"

Simply click on the tiles below to see in full what each of the 927 respondents said. Some provided their response in a separate document, where appropriate these can be found at the bottom of the response pages under "attachments". This also applies for any supporting information that was uploaded as part of the response.

To the right of this page you will see a keywords search box, which may help you if you are looking for a particular organisation. Below this, there are also filter options for "type of respondent" (i.e. individual or organisation) as well as the answers provided when asked whether the Local Plan is legal compliance and sound. This may assist if you wish to conduct a more detailed search of the representations.

Please note, we have had to redact some representations where respondents have entered text containing personal identifying information or inappropriate language. Though we cannot publish this information, all representations will be sent in their original form to the appointed Planning Inspector at the submission stage.

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928 Published responses

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