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Open Consultations

  • Stoke Park Farm

    Eastleigh Borough Council has purchased 103 hectares of farmland in Bishopstoke and is now inviting local residents and other stakeholders to help determine the future uses of the land at Stoke Park Farm that would enhance the local environment within Bishopstoke. The land will be used for...

    Closes today

  • Empty Homes Strategy questionnaire

    Long term empty properties can cause problems, both for the owner and wider community. If empty homes are neglected, they can cause physical damage to adjacent properties, can reduce the marketability of properties in the vicinity, and can deter investors and hamper economic development. They can...

    Closes today

  • Pilands Wood

    Eastleigh Borough Council is keen to continue improving your local area. Please complete this survey with as much information as possible to help us cater to the needs of the residents in this area.

    Closes 13 April 2023

  • Customer feedback

    We would like your feedback on the service you have received.

    Closes 31 December 2029

Forthcoming Consultations

  • Eastleigh Borough Council Public Art projects monitoring survey

    All parties submitting a Tender for a public art opportunity with the Council are asked to complete this anonymous monitoring survey at the same time as submitting their Tender. Answers cannot be connected to your Tender. Please answer all of the questions and use the ‘Prefer Not To Say’...

    Opens 1 April 2023

Closed Consultations

  • Freespace

    We are launching a public consultation on the proposals to replace the Freespace skate park at Stoneycroft Rise, Chandlers Ford after it previously suffered severe vandalism that resulted in the majority of the ramps being removed. We now have some exciting new designs and would...

    Closed 29 March 2023

  • HETC Community Governance Review (2)

    Eastleigh Borough Council are conducting a review on behalf of Hedge End Town Council. The purpose of the review is to consider the current areas, known as wards, along with number of Councillors who are elected to represent the residents. The process is called a Community Governance Review (CGR)....

    Closed 10 October 2022

  • Walking and Cycling Strategy

    Eastleigh Borough Council is seeking residents’ and stakeholders’ views on the draft Walking and Cycling Strategy. The Strategy sets out the Council's approach to active travel, providing background and context, explaining why active travel is important at a national and local level and...

    Closed 7 October 2022

  • hosts for ukrainian refugees

    Thank you for registering your interest to host a Ukrainian refugee(s.) Hampshire County Council have shared your contact details to enable Eastleigh Borough Council to re-match refugees when they are unable to remain with their initial host for a variety of reasons. We would like to...

    Closed 30 September 2022

  • Youth Employment Hub Survey for Businesses

    The Central and West Hampshire Youth Employment Hub is a service to support young people aged 16-24 into employment. If you have any suitable vacancies and would like help us with this service please fill out this short survey.

    Closed 30 April 2022

We Asked, You Said, We Did

Here are some of the issues we have consulted on and their outcomes.

We asked

We asked for your views on the draft Strategy and Action Plan.

You said

There was a range of views: Many people agreed that there should be open and constructive discussions about what people with protected characteristics need.  Some people felt it would be enought to treat all people the same, with respect, and efficiently. Some people expressed that this was a waste of money. Some people asked for specific extra actions. Some felt that labels can sometimes be over-used to define people and create divisions and the aim should be to treat people as people, and bring people together. Thankyou for all these comments. 

We did

All the views have been considered and a new version of the Strategy and Action Plan is now going forward for approval at the Council's Cabinet on 29th March. The Action plan will now last for a single year during which time the Council will consult in more detail with groups to ensure the Council understands better the needs of people with protected characteristics. The Action Plan has more specific actions and times of when the action will be completed. The Council is legally bound to pay particular attention to equal opportunities and fostering good relations as set out in the Strategy, and there may be areas where the Council has a role to go further to ensure that equality of opportunity is genuine and not assumed. (This is known as positive action and permitted in law, as opposed to positive discrimination which is not.) However the Strategy does now reflect the comments about not dividing people into different groups.