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  • Market Street/High Street Community Garden Project Survey

    The aim of this survey is to find out if people local to the Market Street/ High Street area in Eastleigh Town Centre are interested in being involved in a community garden project. More

    Closed 31 July 2021

  • Local Plan Main Modifications

    This is a consultation on proposed Main Modifications to the Eastleigh Borough Local Plan 2016-2036. The consultation runs from 6 weeks from Wednesday 9 June to Wednesday 21 July 2021. More

    Closed 21 July 2021

  • Tree SPD

    This is a consultation on the draft Trees and Development Supplementary Planning Document (SPD). The consultation runs for six weeks from Wednesday 9 June to Wednesday 21 July 2021. More

    Closed 21 July 2021

  • Reopening High Streets Safely

    The aim of this survey is to find out how frequently and why people in the Borough visited their local and preferred high streets before coronavirus restrictions were put in place. More

    Closed 17 March 2021

  • Draft Equality and Diversity Strategy and Action Plan 2021-2025

    This is a consultation about the Council's draft Equality and Diversity Strategy and Action Plan 2021-2025. Please click on the document under 'Related' below to see the draft Strategy and Action Plan document. Please read this before continuing to the survey. More

    Closed 15 March 2021

We Asked, You Said, We Did

Here are some of the issues we have consulted on and their outcomes.

We asked

We asked for your views on the draft Strategy and Action Plan.

You said

There was a range of views: Many people agreed that there should be open and constructive discussions about what people with protected characteristics need.  Some people felt it would be enought to treat all people the same, with respect, and efficiently. Some people expressed that this was a waste of money. Some people asked for specific extra actions. Some felt that labels can sometimes be over-used to define people and create divisions and the aim should be to treat people as people, and bring people together. Thankyou for all these comments. 

We did

All the views have been considered and a new version of the Strategy and Action Plan is now going forward for approval at the Council's Cabinet on 29th March. The Action plan will now last for a single year during which time the Council will consult in more detail with groups to ensure the Council understands better the needs of people with protected characteristics. The Action Plan has more specific actions and times of when the action will be completed. The Council is legally bound to pay particular attention to equal opportunities and fostering good relations as set out in the Strategy, and there may be areas where the Council has a role to go further to ensure that equality of opportunity is genuine and not assumed. (This is known as positive action and permitted in law, as opposed to positive discrimination which is not.) However the Strategy does now reflect the comments about not dividing people into different groups.