HETC Community Governance Review

Closes 14 Aug 2022

Opened 18 Jul 2022


Eastleigh Borough Council will be conducting a review on behalf of Hedge End Town Council. The purpose of the review will consider if the current areas, known as wards, along with number of Councillors who are elected to represent the residents. The process is called a Community Governance Review (CGR).

Hedge End Town Council currently has nine wards, represented by 22 Town Councillors who are elected every four years.

It is suggested that the nine wards be combined to create four wards and for the wards to be renamed. It is proposed the four wards will be represented by a total of 18 Town Councillors. This proposal will provide a more equal balance of councillor/elector.

This CGR will not be looking at the boundaries between Hedge End Town Council and other Parishes.

The next Town Council election will take place in May 2023 so any changes as a result of this Community Governance Review will be implemented in time for that election.

This survey is part of the first public consultation to give residents an opportunity to provide their views and thoughts. After the first consultation, draft recommendations will be presented to the Borough Council’s Administration Committee for consideration. Residents and other stakeholders will be able to comment on the draft recommendations as part of a second public consultation in September 2022.

We think it is important that local people have a say in the decision-making process, so we would appreciate it if you would take few minutes to answer this short survey.

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