Residents' survey

Closed 25 Mar 2019

Opened 15 Feb 2019


This is a survey for people who live in the Eastleigh Borough. We'd like to ask you some questions about your Council - Eastleigh Borough Council and your local area. As you may be aware, we are responsible for a range of services such as refuse collections, street cleaning and planning. 

We work closely with Hampshire County Council who are responsible for services such as maintaining your roads, education and social care. 

These questions relate to Eastleigh Borough Council Services only so when considering your answer please think about Eastleigh Borough Council (and not Hampshire County Council services) 

Why We Are Consulting

The views of our residents are important to us, they allow us to understand how residents view the Council and your answers will help us to consider areas where we can improve. We can also understand whether these views vary from area to area and between the different groups and communities that live in the Borough, helping to inform some of our services.