Enforcement consultation

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Closes 6 Apr 2020

Main principles

We aim to work with local people, organisations and businesses to inform them of their legal obligations. This can avoid and/or resolve problems without the need for expensive formal prosecutions. However, formal action will be taken if requests to follow rules are not carried out.

1. The draft strategy includes the following main principles.  Please indicate how important each one is to you. Please rank each one from 1 to 5 with 1 being low importance and 5 being high importance
Telling residents and businesses more about the Council’s enforcement activity, to demonstrate our protection of individuals, businesses and the environment
Recovering any of the costs of enforcement that we can
Preventing the need for formal action in most cases by educating and working with people/businesses
Ensuring that there is a limit to the time given for people/businesses to comply with regulations
Managing carefully the role of any external enforcement agency the Council uses eg bailiffs
Taking into account issues of diversity, disability and vulnerability when considering what enforcement action to take
Joining forces with other agencies (e.g. the Police) where appropriate and necessary to achieve a successful outcome