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  • Private Hire Signage

    In November 2021, the policy that requires signage on private hire vehicles to display the Private Hire Operators name and contact details was adopted by the Council. Eastleigh Borough Council is committed to your privacy. We will use the information on this consultation for the purpose of forming an overall view of the importance of Private Hire vehicle signage detailing the operator name and contact information. This will enable us to provide the decision makers with an... More
    Closes today
  • Putting the right items in your green recycling bin

    We will soon be launching a campaign to encourage residents to ensure they put the right items in their green recycling bin. As part of this campaign we have produced three campaign titles and we would like you to help shape the campaign by choosing the option that you think is the most suitable one to use to promote recycling. View options A, B or C in the related link below before making your choice. More
    Closes 13 October 2023
  • Eastleigh Borough Council Public Art projects monitoring survey

    All parties submitting a Tender for a public art opportunity with the Council are asked to complete this anonymous monitoring survey at the same time as submitting their Tender. Answers cannot be connected to your Tender. Please answer all of the questions and use the ‘Prefer Not To Say’ option rather than not providing an answer More
    Closes 31 March 2024
  • Customer feedback

    We would like your feedback on the service you have received. More
    Closes 31 December 2029
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