Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan Consultation

Closed 29 Mar 2024

Opened 13 Feb 2024


The Eastleigh Borough Council Biodiversity Strategy 2024-2034 sets out our approach for the protection, maintenance and enhancement of biodiversity and the natural environment in the Borough.

Useful Links:

This strategy forms the framework for delivery of a diverse natural environment and a greener future for the Borough. It is part of the Council’s response to the Climate Change and Environmental Emergency. The strategy explains how we aim to meet the targets set out in the Government paper Delivering 30 by 30 on land in England, (DEFRA, December 2023 - read more).

We would like to know your thoughts on this strategy document and any suggestions you would like us to consider.

After you have read the strategy document and examined the map, the time taken to complete this survey will vary depending on whether you are commenting on one area or all 11 areas, and one priority link or all of the links. We estimate the minimum time to complete this survey to be 15 minutes, but you can save your responses and come back later if necessary.

Not all questions are mandatory, please complete the questions you feel comfortable answering. Under relevant questions, the specific pages in the strategy will be stated, with a link to the document.

There will be a drop-in session at Eastleigh House on Tuesday 19 March, 10am to 4pm, for residents without access to a computer, and Council officers will be on hand to field questions and assist with completion of the survey.

What happens next

After the responses have been collated and changes implemented, the 2024 - 2034 strategy will be published on the Eastleigh Borough Council website.