PSH Enforcement

Closed 10 Mar 2020

Opened 25 Feb 2020


Eastleigh Borough Council has a statutory duty to regulate and enforce housing conditions within our Borough under the Housing Act 2004 and associated legislation. The Council is currently in the process of updating our Private Sector Housing (PSH) enforcement policy and as part of this update some additions and changes have been proposed.

Why your views matter

The PSH policy has sought to consolidate a number of smaller policies so there is a single point of reference for enforcement matters in relation to PSH, ensuring there is a transparent approach to enforcement and it is clear how matters will be dealt with by the Council.

The update also brings in the new addition of Civil Penalties policy, Rent Repayment Orders and Banning Orders as part of implementing the provisions under the Housing and Planning Act 2016.

The new additions to the policy outlines how the Council will determine when to use these new enforcement options and in relation to civil penalties outlines the matrix and method by which the amount of penalty to be issued is decided upon.

The draft policy is available at the bottom of this page.