Eastleigh Borough Council Public Art projects monitoring survey 2024-2025

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Closes 30 Apr 2025


Completing this anonymous form will help EBC to better understand the diversity of artists Tendering for public art projects in the Eastleigh Borough and how we can improve our Tender process to broaden the diversity of artists we are working with.

If you are an Artist Collective submitting a Tender please complete and submit this form for each member of your Collective.

1. What is your age group?
2. Your disability status:
3. Your ethnicity:
4. Your gender:
5. Is your gender identity different to that which it was assumed to be at birth?
6. Your Sexual Orientation:
7. Your Socio-economic background: Please describe the occupation of the main/highest earner in your household when you were aged 14. If this question does not apply to you (because, for example, you were in care at this time), you can indicate this below.
8. Could the Council have provided any additional information or information in an alternative format to make the Tendering process for this project more accessible to you? .
9. Have you encountered any difficulties in submitting a Tender for this project?
10. If there is anything the Council could have done to support you better with submitting a Tender?