Business Survey January 2022

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Closes 14 Feb 2022


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4. Where is your business located?
5. Which statement best describes the volume of trade to your business over the Christmas period? (End of Nov – End of Dec)
6. Although no major restrictions in place (i.e enforced closures) public concerns of the Omicron variant has negatively affected trade over recent weeks (end of Nov – End of Dec) To what extent do you agree/disagree with this statement?
7. Figures show that before the emergence of Omicron, footfall in Eastleigh Town Centre had been rising steadily since lockdown measures were lifted. Figures for Eastleigh town centre show footfall for October was 15% lower compared to the same time in 2019. Does this match your perception of footfall where your business is located?
8. Which of the following is your biggest business concern for 2022?
9. Do you use a business social media platform?
10. If yes, how well do you think you are currently using your social media platforms?
11. Have you been aware of the Re-opening High Streets Safely & Welcome Back Fund project and its work in the area? (Includes Borough Gems campaign, running markets, children’s trails, ‘All they want for Christmas’ campaign, town centre painting/planting, safety signage etc.)
12. Hedge End and Hamble businesses only – please select an option below to complete this statement; ‘The weekly/monthly market has…’
13. What would you say is your best business success of 2021?
14. Have you heard of Platform 4?